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Gutter Maintenance

Expanded Aluminum Gutter Strainer

Helps prevent gutter over flows due to down spouts clogging.

gutter strainer
Gutter Strainer

how to clean your gutters

Click here for three easy steps to ensuring your rain gutters or eave troughs run clear and flow smoothly.

Water, ice, snow, dirt, leaves and the ravages of time can do a number on your gutters. Gutters prevent damaging water from running across windows and doors and down the sides of your house, and channel water away from your foundation. That's why gutter upkeep is crucial. And for the pros at itsnotapain.com, gutter maintenance is not a pain!


  1. Have a two-person crew will climb onto your roof and scoop out all debris from your gutters.

  2. Flush out your system: including elbows and downspouts, to ensure that your gutters are clog-free.

  3. Make sure the area is clean when we're finished with out work. Any dirt or materials removed during the cleaning will come with us!

ITSNOTAPAIN.com guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

White Vinyl Snap In Gutter Guard

Brown Vinyl Snap In Gutter Guard

brown snap gutter guard

Keeps leaves and debris out of gutters. It is made of a high quality, rigid PVC. 3 Ft. sections fit any style aluminum, steel or plastic gutters. Will not collapse under debris.

Made of High Quality, Rigid Pac
Design Will Not Collapse Under Debris.
* Also comes in brown.

White Solid Gutter Cover

This guard keeps leaves, pine needles and debris out of the gutter. It is made of rigid PVC and works on the principle of surface tension. The low profile design enhances the appearance of the gutters while eliminating clogged gutters and downspouts. Water flows around the nose of the guard and through the slotted channel. It simply slides under the shingles and hooks to the front of the edge of the gutter.

Will Handle The Heaviest of Rainfall. Keeps Leaves, Pine Needles, and Other Debris Out of The Gutter. Made of Rigid Pac. Fits all standard.

Hinged Gutter Guard

Keeps leaves and debris out of your gutters. 3 Ft. sections fit any standard style gutters.

Convex Design Prevents Debris Accumulation. Made of Long Lasting Galvanized Steel Will Not Collapse Under Ice, Snow Or Debris.

Gutter Reviver

Gutter Bleaching

Our special detergent is designed to remove stubborn stains from the outside of gutters and downspouts without damangeing the gutter. Gutter stains are caused by air pollution, smog and decaying leaves. Our detergents cuts through this through grime and makes your gutters and downspouts looking brand new again! It will not damanage your plants and landscape.

ITSNOTAPAIN.com guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Roof Maintenance

Roof Shampooing

As part of our roof maintenance, we also shampoo moss off of roofs and bleach gutter exteriors.

When a roof or roof section faces north or is well shaded, it gets little sunlight and is susceptible to accumulating growths, such as moss, algae or lichen. These growths can discolor a roof, harm the roofing materials, and compromise the roof's performance.


  1. Take care to cover areas not being bleached so as not to damage your building's roof or walls.

  2. Use special scrubbers to remove all dirt and drip marks, then apply our special whitener to make your gutters look brand new.
Shampoo moss


A thick moss growth can keep roofing materials damp due to its root system and eventually lead to water damage. On an asphalt roof, the moss usually forms along shingle edges, where it can speed deterioration.


Lichen is a fungus that grows along with algae on roofs. It can form a crust that feeds off the oils in the roofing materials and creates dark spots or pock marks.

roof algae


Algae is a simple organism that can grow on a roof section that gets little or no sunlight. It flourishes on dust pollen and organic materials that make up the roof. In addition to making the roof unsightly, it can diminish the insulating effects and cause heating and cooling expenses to increase.

ITSNOTAPAIN.com guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.

Ground Maintenance Services

We offer full service ground maintenance for commercial, industrial and retail companies in addition to residential homes.

  • Snow plowing and ice management
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Spring and Fall clean up
  • Refuse collection

We can schedule this on a daily, weekly or monthly basis or as a one off.

Contact us with your requirements at:

244 5th Ave
Suite R239
(Between 27th and 28th Streets)
New York 10001

t: 1-800-906-1178
e: info@itsnotapain.com

ITSNOTAPAIN.com guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.