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Gutter Maintenance

leaves in gutter

Keeping your gutters and downspouts clean is essential. In wet weather, water must flow off your house and away from the foundation through clean gutters, or it can cause flooding and damage your home's exterior.

To perform properly, gutters and downspouts must be cleared of all leaves and debris, or else they can become clogged, then back up and overflow. This can cause gutters to dislodge from the side of the house and lead to rotting and damage.

Gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year. More frequent cleaning might be necessary if there are trees close to the house or if the area experiences frequent wet weather.

How to Clean Gutters

You can clean the gutters yourself only if you are confident you can work safely from the roof or from a ladder. Hire a professional if there is too much risk involved in reaching the gutters.

remove debris
flush gutters
downspout plumber snake

  1. Remove debris.
    Start at the drain end of the gutter and use a small shovel to dislodge and remove any loose debris. If the debris is slightly wet and soft, it will be easier to remove than if it is soaking wet or very dry.

  2. Flush the gutters.
    Once the excess debris is removed, use a hose to wash out the gutters, starting away from the drain outlet and working towards it. A pressure nozzle on the hose and a stiff brush will make the job easier.

  3. Check the downspouts.
    Water from the gutters should flow freely down the spouts. If flow is constricted, there is probably a clog. Spray downward with the hose to clear it, and if that fails, use a plumber's snake to free the material that is causing the clog.